Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just for large technology organizations. Local countertop stores must incorporate an SEO plan. In fact, SEO is applicable more so to local countertop stores because people are looking for your service vs. the name of your company.

Most individuals these days when searching for a certain kind of countertop store depend on the web. They’ve got a question, and you will need to offer the answer. Furthermore, your store must be on the 1st page to have the opportunity as many prospects don’t view page two or three. It’s even more true on mobile, as countertop leads need answers to their questions quickly.
Ranking high in the SERP’s (search engine results page) is the determining factor between having time on your hands, and too hectic to manage more business. Exactly how this works out depends on your Local Search Engine Optimization plan.

What’s Local SEO And Exactly Why Is It Essential For Countertop Stores?

In short, Local SEO increases your position in local search results. Local individuals try and identify a certain city predicated on specific key words. For instance, the typical local search term is “countertop stores near me.” Google and other search bots will show the most appropriate results predicated on your location along with the countertop stores competing for this inquiry. Even though nobody can determine Google’s exact algorithm, there are many steps a conscientious countertop store owner can take to make sure they show up.

We’re Going to Examine Some Ways Countertop Stores Can Achieve High-ranking Using The Latest Trends In Local SEO.

When discussing Local SEO we are describing “organic” search queries, where key phrases are entered into a browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) and in-turn search engines deliver appropriate results. You may possibly have observed that in 2020 Ads consume the vast majority of the search results page. As a result the playing field is much more competitive these days than ever before. Countertop stores which aren’t “in-tune” with enhancing their site for SEO, find themselves way-down the list.

Additionally, Local SEO effects the local “map” section or alternatively known as the “map-pack.” A few years ago, the map pack was actually seven deep, right now it’s just three! Additionally, you will notice that Google shows ads in the map pack, making Search Engine Optimization even more significant.

Ultimately, your store ought to be in the map for the city that you service. Statistically, companies in the map pack get on average 30% additional traffic than others that aren’t in the map. Individuals surfing the internet, are easily attracted to this area because they can see reviews, location, phone number, and a website link.

What Factors Affect The Local Map Results?

As mentioned previous, nobody can precisely identify Google’s algorithm and we don’t know why some countertop stores are in the map pack over others. Nevertheless, we do know many steps that every store can choose to greatly increase their chances.

The following is a perfect start to your local SEO plan:

• Optimized countertop store focused website
• Complete Google My Business information particularly correct categories and descriptions
• Website text to include proximity and related key words
• Links from authoritative web sites including membership associations and published content
• On-page SEO signals including accurate meta descriptions, title tags, and image optimization
• Off-page SEO including social indicators and engagement
• NAP listings and citation signals
• Online Reviews

Never underestimate the importance of ranking organically. Your site should be optimized to incorporate quality information and be organized properly to permit the “search bots” to efficiently crawl your website. Clearly the more pertinent your countertop website the greater number of prospects you will receive. Many web surfers searching for a granite fabricator near them bypass ads and entirely focus on organic results. These searches are more research based and require additional information for making an informed choice.

In summary, Local SEO is a important resource for every company, especially countertop stores as prospects are searching locally for their solutions. Boosting your SEO takes some time and understanding to assure you maximize your lead generation possibilities in the search engine results page. The first step is to make sure you have a strategy.

A few of the strategies revealed here will require a knowledgeable SEO and goes beyond the scope of this article. However, a number of the topics mentioned can be put into practice by your company with minimal technical skills. Begin with the structure of your web site and include carefully written content that matches your message and brand. After that you can integrate a digital marketing campaign, and eventually a Local SEO strategy. Using the methods outlined in this post can greatly improve your chances in better ranking, which can lead to more clients!

If you need help with your local SEO plan, we are happy to help. Our experienced SEO team can help your countertop store rank high in Google! Call us today for a Free Consultation.