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Contact our experienced digital marketing team, and learn how we can help you take control of your online brand and grow your client base.
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Contact our experienced digital marketing team, and learn how we can help you take control of your online brand and grow your client base.



When working with a digital marketing agency, experience matters. We have helped countless countertop stores acquire clients on a consistent basis. When you work with our company, rest assured you’ll be getting the advantage of our knowledge and experience.


Retaining a countertop marketing company to assist you grow your presence online could often be costly. We deliver effective marketing solutions for granite fabricators, which are more affordable than you think. Book your strategy session to find out more.


We are a trusted and seasoned agency with several happy clients. Whenever you work with us, you will always speak with a professional – No ticket system! We always make communicating with you a number one priority.

"All-Inclusive" Digital Marketing System For Countertop Stores - The Only Marketing Campaign You Need for 2021.


How Does It Work?

The goal of our Digital Marketing System is to build and manage a robust online marketing campaign to increase new prospect leads and customer acquisition. From an optimized website to ranking high in Google search, your digital brand is our priority.

COVID-19 changed everything for local business, now we must adapt. The competition for your services has never been greater. Now is the time to take control of your marketing. If you are looking for a comprehensive digital marketing plan for your countertop business, you are in the right place.

Who Is This System For?

Ready For The Next Level

You are serious about growing your local business in Google and are ready to crush your competitors online.

Your Website Is Not Working For You

Your website should be delivering new lead opportunities, not just look good. If your website is not ranking high in Google, it's time for an upgrade.

Your Struggling With Increasing Revenue

If you are looking to increase new lead opportunities from Google, then this system is for you!


Premier Digital Marketing Services for Countertop Stores.

Your digital prominence is about increasing your web networks to grow your brand. Most importantly, your countertop store can leverage these marketing advantages to generate leads and grow your business online.

We work with granite fabricators by building a comprehensive digital advertising strategy to expand your online reach. We integrate several digital marketing technologies including; lead generation, social marketing, local SEO, website optimization (including mobile), content marketing, and more.

Effective digital marketing systems are more than just a blog, Facebook or even advertising through local channels. It’s a skill that combines many strategies to yield the best results.


Take The Stress Out Of New Client Acquisition With Our Proven Marketing System For Granite Countertop Leads.


The world of digital marketing for countertop stores can be complicated, however, we will make sure you are equipped to expand your virtual reach well in the the future. Immediately after you hire our countertop marketing agency, we begin working on the implementation of your Digital Marketing System. Below are many of the strategies we will optimize for your business.

Local SEO for Countertop Stores

Strategies to build your internet presence and drive quality leads to your business. Increase online conversions, grow your clients, and improve your ROI.

Social Media Marketing

Our professionals will build your social accounts, then post quality content, keeping your profiles fresh and relevant.

Countertop Blogging Services

Let our expert writers create quality and engaging content that delivers your message, and grows your base!

Countertop Lead Generation Services

Helping our clients rank high in Google search results throughout your service area is what we do! Creating quality leads for your business utilizing effective strategies for maximum ROI.

Google Ads Marketing

Our PPC (pay-per-click) specialists will develop an effective strategy to drive quality traffic to your website, while maximizing your ad spend!

Content Marketing

We will write your blog and syndicate to your online and social networks. Keep your site up to date and full of engaging and insightful topics!

Websites for Countertop Stores

Specializing in mobile and responsive design. We build effective crisp websites, sure to attract new business and grow your customer base.

Local Directory Optimization

Digital business listing services, helping owners manage their company directories online and more importantly get on the map.

Video Marketing

We offer affordable video advertising to promote your latest special offers and deals. Let’s start marketing your 5-Star services with video ads!

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Countertop Lead Pros offers Lead Generation and Marketing Solutions for Countertop Installers and Fabricators, that increase revenues through proven online strategies.

To learn more you can either book a strategy session, or give us a call.

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