If you’re like to a lot of countertop stores, then you’re continually searching for strategies to save precious time and money. Google Ads is the most proven and tested advertising advantage that will help you achieve this task. Google provides numerous benefits aimed at countertop stores including;
• customized audience targeting
• smart bid campaigns
• responsive ads and a lot more.

When creating a Google ads campaign for countertop stores, an initial goal is usually to personalize your customers marketing objectives to meet the campaign goals. Along with getting visitors or traffic to your web page, we inevitably must convert as many prospects as possible. Regardless of whether that be from phone calls or contact form submissions. The website takes on a crucial role connecting your ads, advantage, and message.

Google advertising enables anyone to increase your online strategy to another level, by focusing on people regularly seeking to install countertops.

A few ways we are able to do this is as follows:

Geo Targeting – targeting people near your showroom will boost the possibility for conversion, as prospects feel comfortable working with a local countertop store.
Target Ads / key words – it’s important to link keywords towards your ad and eventually your landing page. The ad content should be developed to aim for the ideal visitors at the ideal time. By incorporating the search inquiry within the ad copy you are able to improve click through levels and improve your conversions.
Bid approach – another necessary factor in an effective Google advertising strategy is to utilize bid techniques properly. Often times you’ll want to bid manually yet others an automated approach makes most sense.

Google Ads For Countertop Stores

Together with the above, a great Google Ad strategy for countertop stores should include adjustable budgeting. You’ll want to determine the maximum you’re prepared to invest monthly and create your strategy around that budget. This helps prevent any unexpected situations. Also remember that Google could raise your spend by as high as 30%. This seems like a lot, however it’s important to ensure Google’s algorithm can give you the greatest results centered on your budget. That last thing you want to happen is run out of budget when active searchers are in need of new granite countertops! The good thing is that Google only will charge when somebody clicks on your advertisement, thus the term pay-per-click. Whenever working with countertop stores, we’ve learned that the min Google Ad budget ought to be $1000 per month. Clearly budgets greater than that tend to be helpful, however, not essential. Certain marketing goals, however, call for greater budgets. When working with Countertop Lead Pro, we’ll show you how to identify the ideal budget for your local market.

Another essential factor when managing a Google Ads strategy for your granite fabrication shop is timing. You’ve got total control in deciding the length of time your advertisement is live, when implementing your ads. This will make it easy to oversee special deals, offers, as well as other marketing advantages. You need to be careful of when the ads are live so you or your staff can promptly respond to phone calls and form leads.

Monthly reports and analytics

When we manage a campaign for our customers, reporting is a crucial factor for us and our customers. After all, we ought to prove an ROI (return on investment) to warrant continued business. Our staff regularly tracks customer ad accounts assuring optimum benefit. We keep an eye on advertising metrics, negative key words, click-through-rate, and a lot more. By remaining up to date with the campaign, we can make regular improvements to safeguard an appropriate ROI.

Google Ads includes countless custom options to monitor and assess your internet marketing campaigns. For instance, you’re able to establish and monitor goals for:

• Return on Investment
• Web Page Traffic
• Conversion Rates
• Geo Targeting
• Phone call conversions
• Form submission conversions, and more!

You can even identify metrics including:

• Highest-Performing Keywords
• Headers with the Best Click-Through Rates
• Best-Performing Time of Day
• Impressions
• Click-Through Rate
• Cost Per Click (CPC)

In Conclusion

Google Ads is an excellent digital marketing source for countertop stores trying to get in contact with the ideal customers, at the most useful time, for a cost that matches their budget. If you’d like to set up a prosperous Google Ads campaign for your countertop store and generate more leads, please contact us today at (248) 791-2953.