If you think marketing means billboards, flyers, and other print ads; it’s time to get digital. Everything in today’s world is digital, virtual, and on a screen. So, in order to reach your customers, your marketing should be too.

Just think about the last time you shopped around for a product- you went online first didn’t you? There’s no doubt that digital marketing is needed to help grow business today. You may find it interesting that digital marketing can be less expensive and more effective than traditional marketing strategies.

Continue reading for a quick run-down of exactly what digital marketing can do for your countertop business, and who knows, you may even pick up some cool tips!

Where does digital marketing occur most?

Digital marketing is everywhere most notably social media. However, we believe your greatest opportunity for profit is your website, and your digital strategy should begin there. A functional website is the key to a satisfied customer, and a product that sells. Some digital marketing techniques to remember include: make your website as functional as possible- this means everything a customer needs to know should be easily found on your website. In web design terms, this is considered UX (user experience). In addition, your website should be mobile and desktop friendly. You don’t want a site that is only functional on one device. Users will become easily frustrated that they cannot access your information on a variety of screen sizes. This will significantly decrease your value proposition, conversions, and ultimately your brand.

Once you have an effective and easy to use website, the next step is to build your social presence. Hit the majors first, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. For the most part, digital marketing techniques can be employed across all platforms, but if you have a specific product that you feel only fits one platform, then focus your attention there. Instagram has become one of the most convenient and efficient ways to market products, with images, hashtags, tags, posts, re-posts, and direct messaging. Take advantage of all of these features.

How does Digital Marketing help my countertop business?

Three words: grow, expand, reach. While these all might sound like synonyms of the same word, they apply to different parts of your business. There’s no doubt that your business will grow; 75% of companies believe their digital marketing strategies are effective. This is because digital marketing expands the number of customers/ users that you may market too. No other type of marketing allows you to contact as many global users at no additional cost. Lastly, digital marketing with the aid of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines allow businesses to reach more specific/targeted customers. Whereas a billboard might reach 10,000 people in a day, you may ask – what percentage of that population even wants your product?

With digital marketing strategies, hashtags, SEO best practices, and social media you can reach the users you know are interested in your product and generate new lead opportunities. This makes your business more successful as a whole, instead of wasting marketing on empty buyers. Digital marketing is easy to understand your conversions and what is working as the truth is in the data. You can track, analyze, and improve your marketing techniques with more confidence and ease. Digital marketing is the trend that is taking businesses by storm, don’t let it pass you by.

Countertop Leads Pro helps countertop stores grow online. From optimized websites to effective digital marketing strategies our experienced team is ready to work with you. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, give us a call or schedule your free consultation to learn more about our Digital Marketing System. I am looking forward to hearing from you!