Individuals conduct numerous searches online and offline to obtain both goods and services, and they are doing so now more than ever. Individuals have more opportunities to execute them as well. They can type or talk these days to find what they need to know. Some online searches are with the intention to find desirable products. Some involve a needed service. There is “surfing online” just for the sake of obtaining information.

With scrolling through any given search, there are many organic results, but there are also paid ads among them and they can be prominent. Pay per click marketing is one of the biggest competitors to organic results. The most effective strategy to improve your ranking in search results, includes a combination of paid and organic marketing, especially when there is a monthly or quarterly focus on goals. A long-term strategy should maintain the big picture and a view point of one to three years. It takes time, but has a stronger foundation with eventual benefits.
Organic ranking in the SERP’s (search engine results page) is powerful, and critical to a long-term plan.

It is based on business goals, brand awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement. It’s not reaching more people, but rather reaching the right people. It’s getting to know your audience, which are consumers. Who are these people? What do they really want, or want to know? The goal is to obtain this information and deliver relevant content, pertinent to their interest, needs, and of course searches. You need to get in their heads in a way where your information, your brand is of value. It develops a trust and over time, it develops into loyalty.

The customer is the focus. In knowing their needs, content is created on your website, blog posts, social accounts, tailored and delivered, becoming a part of a customer’s journey of their searches. Eventually, your content marketing and SEO strategy for your countertop store, will resonate and impact the decision-making process. If you have any questions regarding content marketing and SEO strategies, please give us a call. We would be happy to help you improve or launch your online campaign. Our countertop marketing agency is located in Michigan and help clients throughout the USA.

If you got the time, check out this video by Google regarding the importance of quality content on your website:

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